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MADD Hunts owned and operated by Tim Maddock, and his 3 sons Kade, Connor and Corbin Maddock. A family that lives and breathes hunting, especially in Sonora Mexico! Tim has over 20 years of experience hunting in Mexico while the three brothers have experienced Mexico for over 10! MADD Hunts specializes in Do-It-Yourself hunts or “DIY”, as well as semi-guided hunts for various species around Sonora Mexico!  We have the experience and connections to make your Mexico dreams possible!

“We firmly believe we have the largest collection of coues deer trail camera pictures in the world…” MADD Hunts prides itself on taking hunting coues deer in the desert to a whole new level! From running 150-200 trail cameras, to how they sit water, down to even making their own corrals and drinkers to attract more deer into the area! 

We strive to give you the best hunting experience and opportunity possible in Mexico. We search far and wide for the best ranch or ranches possible to fit your hunting wants as well as needs. Everyone from the most seasoned and experienced hunters, to the greenest and newest hunters out there, we want to help you find the BEST ranch for YOU! From mountain ranches and big glassing, to desert ranches and sitting water, we have it all! Let us help you bring your dreams of hunting Sonora to fruition! Check off a bucket list hunt, or come back year after year to feed the Mexico hunting addiction! Contact MADD Hunts today to help you find the perfect experience!

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